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When multiplying exponents with the same base add them: x^3*x^2 = x^5

When dividing exponents with the same base subtract them: x^3/x^2 = x^1 or x

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Q: How do you simplify exponents or powers in algebra?
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What is the history of exponents In Algebra?

Exponents are the expodential growth in something.

Where do you find exponents in math?


How do you change powers with negative exponents to powers with positive exponents?

by doing reciprocal

How do use the quotient of powers property to simpilfy an expression leaving no negative exponents?

Oh I hate these! I have quiz tomorrow on them, which stinks. Im in pre-algebra though

How do you simplify aaaa?

Use exponents to simplify. Since there are four a's, you can write this as: a4.

How are exponents and powers different?

They are not. Exponents, powers and indices are terms used for the same thing.

What is the product rule of exponents in Algebra?

The product rule says when multiplying two powers that have the same base, you can add the exponents. There are product rules used in calculus to find the product of derivatives, but that does not really have to do with exponents.The above answer translates to the following Algebra rule:xm * xn = xm+nHere is an example:x5 * x2 = x5+2 = x7

What are exponents used for?

it is used to simplify large numbers

In algebra simplify m m?


Rewrite 4-3 with positive exponents simplify to a fraction with no exponents?


How do exponents help in math?

Exponents can simplify very ugly math problems and their relation to logarithms makes them invaluable. FYI logarithms were invented before exponents.

What can you use to simplify the notation when the same factor is repeated?

Exponents can be used to simplify notation when the same factor is repeated