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Unfortunately, the browser used for posting questions does not accept most mathemetical symbols so it is not posible to answer the question as it appears. Please resubmit it using words, such as "plus", "minus", "to the power". Also, use open and closed brackets or parentheses since x plus y squared could mean x + y2 or (x + y)2.

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Q: How do you solve 2 step inqualities by 6 3y5?
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What is the slope o the line 2x-3y5?

If you mean 2x-15y 0, then y (-2/15)x and dy/dx -(2/15). If you mean something else, you need to clarify the expression 3y5.

how do you do a Rubiks cube?

step 1 the daisy

Solve for X: Step 2?

Now simplify the equation by doing the math. 2−2+x=7−2

How do you solve a multi step equation?


Solve for X: Step 1?

How do you get ​x​ by itself? Subtract 2 from both sides

can you guys EXPLAIN to me how to solve ( 4+3 ) x 10/2 + ( 5 x 6 ) step by step please?


How do you solve what is 6 percent of 38 step by step?

Step #1:Say to yourself "6 percent means 0.06".Step #2:Say to yourself " 'of' means 'times' ".Step #3:Say to yourself "So '6 percent of 38' means (0.06) (times) (38)' ."Step #4:Solve that simple multiplication exercise.

what is a 2-step equation ( example please..)?

A two-step equation is an equation that requires two steps to solve We must eliminate any constant that is on the same side as the variable first To solve, use the inverse operations to isolate the variable by itself Remember whatever you do to one side, you must do to the other

What is the meaning of 2 step equation?

two algebraic steps (not counting simplification steps) must be used to solve the problem. 1st step is adding or subtracting some quantity from both sides of the equation. 2nd step is multiplying or dividing by a number to solve.

Can you solve 2x 6 equals 4?

Yes you can answer it! -- Step 1. 2x(6)=4 Step 2. 2x=4/6 Step 3. 2x=0.6 (repeating) Step 4. x=0.6 (repeating)/ 2 Step 5. x=0.3 (repeating)

Find the sum of the measure of the interior angles of a convex 28-gon?

The formula to solve the problem is S= 180(n-2). Your n is the number that they give you which is 28. So you just put 28 into where n is {180(28-2)} and solve it. step 1 =180(n-2) step 2 =180(28-2) step 3 =180(26) step 4 =4680 The answer is 4680. Correct me if I am wrong... I hope that help

How do you solve the math problem solve for y when the problem is y-2 plus 3y equals 10 step by step please?

If: y-2+3y =10 Then: y+3y = 10+2 And: 4y = 12 Divide both sides by 4 to find the value of y: y = 3