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marked price/original price =15,737.5

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2009-10-08 09:32:44
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Q: How do you solve this The sales price of a car is 12590 which is 20 off the original price What is the original price?
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How do you solve a problem with sales price?

By exactly knowing the cost price-- then sales price can be adjustable depending on the external circumstances

How do you solve a commission problem where you need to find the original price?

Commission = percent x original price / 100 so original price = commission x 100 / percent

Linda bought a sofa on sale for 639. This price was 29 percent less than the original price. Whats the original price?

900 Let x be the original price. Solve for x: (1-.29)x=639 (.71)x=639 639/.71=x x=900

If a person buys a book for RS 36 which is available on 40 discount off the original price What is the original price of the book?

Let x be the original price of the book. If that's a 40% discount, that means it's selling at 60% of the original price. 36 = 0.60 times x Solve for x. x = 60 Check it. 0.60 times 60 = 36 It checks.

How do you solve rate of tax?

Find the dollar amount of the sales tax by subtracting the pretax price from the post-tax price.Divide the sales tax cost by the pretax price.Multiply the Step 2 answer by 100 to convert the sales tax rate from a decimal to a percentage.

A store is having a 20 percent off sale if the reduced price of an item is percent 53.60 what was its original price?

$67. Arithmetic will solve this. x-x*0.2 = 53.6, where x is the original sale price. Simplifying gives x*(1-0.2) - 53.6 or x*(0.8) = 53.6. Dividing the 0.8 through gives x = 67. Finding a reduced price is simply subtracting the original price multiplied by the discount (in fraction form from the original price.

To solve an equation it is sometimes helpful to do what to the original operation?

To solve an equation it is sometimes helpful to do what to the original operation?

How do you solve total cost for something that is 52 dollars and 20 percent off and the sales tax is 7 percent?

Assuming the discount is applied before the sales tax is added... 20% of 52 is 10.4, so the price after discount is 41.60. 7% of 41.60 is 2.91 - so your final price is 44.51

How do you solve a markup?

To take a percentage of a price, multiply the price by the decimal equivalent of the percentage, which is the percentage divided by 100. 25 percent of $15.00 = 15 x 0.25 = $3.75 To add a percentage to a price, you can either add that number to the original price ($15.00 + $3.75 = $18.75) or multiply the original price by the decimal equivalent of 100 percent plus the discount. (15 x 1.25 = $18.75)

Jb's music store is offering a 20 percent discount on all cds and dvds if the discounted price of a CD is 16.80 then the original price of the CD was?

I assume you're doing this for school, so I'll explain the answer. If it's 20% off, then it's 80% of the original price (100% is full price). Let's call the original price P, for Price. 80% of something is the same as multiplying that something by .8 (since you can always multiply something by one, and .8 is 80% of 1). Eighty percent of the original price is $16.80, thus .8 (P) = $16.80 You need to solve for P, so you need to get P by itself on one side. The easiest way is to get rid of the .8. Divide both sides by .8 and you get P = $16.80/.8, or $21.00, so the original price (P) is $21.00 To check this, get a calculator and solve for 80% of 21.00 (if you don't have a percent sign, just type 21.00*.8). Hope this helped!

If the original price of a computer was reduced by 250 dollars and the new discounted price is 1499 dollars what was the original price of the computer?

$1749 RP-DA = NP where RP is regular price minus discount amount (DA) is equal to New price (NP) Change the formula to solve for RP you get NP + DA = RP 1,499 + 250 = RP 1,749 = RP The Regular price was one thousand seven hundred and forty nine

What are risks a business unit has to face and what are the methods adopted to solve it?

a business usually only has two real risk in the short run. making enough sales to generate a profit and cover the cost of goods sold and making your short fixed and variable cost- which translated into bills. You need sales to generate money to pay bills. Focus on sales, sales, sales. It drives your business. Solve this and you can solve anything.

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