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Q: How do you tie the kite to the sign with arrows?
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Where do you fly the kite in the club penguin mission?

first you take the kite plans and take the rope or the thing that sticks to the kite then go to ski hill and tie it to the sign with arrows

What is the sentence of kite?

Jack flew his kite in the strong breeze. The sign of quality in the UK is the British Kite Mark

How does a kite get made?

First you need 2 sticks a kite shaped sheet with holes on the sides. Then glue the two sticks to make a T shape. Next tie a string from the the holes to the end of tghe sticks. And get a really long rope and tie it to the kite and you got a perfect kite. PS: you can paint the sheets any color you want

What does an exit sign with no arrows mean?

An exit sign with no arrows is immediately next to or above the actual exit or exit door. An exit sign with an arrow can be away from the exit and points in the direction of the exit.

Where to fly the kite on club penguin?

On the top of SKI MOUNTAIN, tie the string, you put on the kite, onto the NORTH, EAST, WEST, SOUTH post. <(") (penguin)

What sign do you put the kite on in club penguin mission 9?

the ski hill sign

Where on a box kite would you tie the string to get the greatest effective area?

Weight and area exposed to the wind are key factors in kite design. The greater the effective area facing the wind and the lighter the kite, the less wind you need to get the kite off the ground.

What does the recycle sign look like?

The recycling sign or symbol has three arrows that form a circle. I have included a related link which is an image of this symbol.

How do you make a homemade kite?

There are quite a few ways you could make a homemade kite. You could take a sturdy plastic bag for example and tie it to string and sticks.

Where would you put the right angle sign on a kite?

in the center of the kite is where all 4 90 degreed angles should go

In ''The Sign of the Beaver'' how many arrows did it take to bring down the bear?

A lot.

What does the arrows symbolizes?

The arrow represents direction and leading. When lost an arrow will point you in the right direction. The recycle sign are arrows formed to make a triangle.