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If you have a division sum, such as 53/18, then the divisor of the fractional part of the number will be the denominator of the fractional part of the mixed number. For example, 2 remainder 17 will turn into 2 17/18 or two and seventeen eighteenths. You can then turn the fractional part of the mixed number into a decimal by dividing the numerator by the denominator.

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Q: How do you turn 2 r17 into a decimal?
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How do you turn 2 6 as decimal'?

2/6 as a decimal = 0.33333 2/6: = 2 ÷ 6 = 0.33333 in decimal

How do you turn 2 and 2 thirds into a decimal?

By burning the "2 and 2 thirds" and replacing it with a decimal.

How do you turn a decimal into a decimal?

A decimal is already a decimal. To turn a fraction into a decimal, solve the equation (i.e. the / means divide, so 1/2 means 1 divided by 2, which equal 0.5).

How do you get a reduced fraction from a percent?

you have 2 turn the percent into a decimal the you can easily turn the decimal into a fraction

How do you turn two and three fourths into a decimal?

2 and 3/4 as a decimal is 2.75

How do you turn 2 fifths into a decimal?

point 4

How do you turn 2 and 3 fourths into a decimal?


How do you turn -2 45 into a decimal?

-2 4/5 is -2.8

Can you switch 235 65 r17 for 235 60 r17 tires?

Yes all four or 2 in the same axle.might not be manufactures specification but it works great

What is 2 percent of 978?

2 percent is 2% To find 2% of 978, you turn the percent into a decimal and multiply the decimal times 978. To turn 2% into a decimal, drop the % sign and move the decimal place two places to the left. Therefore, 2% becomes .02 (decimal equivalent). Multiply .02 times 978 and you get 19.56 Two percent of 978 is 19.56

How do you turn 2 5 into A decimal?

It's called 25.00

How do you turn 3.25 percent to a decimal?

Move the decimal point over 2 places to the left. The answer is .0325%