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Q: How do you turn damage on f1 2010?
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How do you get engine failures on F1 2010 game?

You can't get mechanical failures in the F1 2010 game.

What systems is f1 2010 on?

F1 2010 is available on PC, PS3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360

What is the newest F1 game in the works for the PS3?

F1 2010 is the newest

Is f1 2010 on Wii?

Unfortunately not.

Is f1 2010 available in ps2?


How do you turn on your hud on mine craft?

Press f1 if you are on Windows, and f1 + fn on Mac.

When does codemasters f1 2010 game come out?

Late 2010

What damage is likely to occur with an F1 tornado?

Typical F1 tornado damage surfaces peeled from roofs, windows broken, garages and porches collapsed, trailers overturned or severely damage, and trees knocked down.

Why can't my Pokemon Fire Red save on PC?

press shift f1 and turn it off when u turn the visual boy bak on press f1 and u will be back where you pressed shift f1

Will f1 2010 on ps3 have the safety car on it?

No, it does not.

Does the F1 2010 game have multiplayer?

Yes it does.

Is there any cheats for F1 2010?