How do you wright 38 tenths?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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As a fraction: 38/10 or as 19/5 in its simplest form

As a decimal: 3.8

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Q: How do you wright 38 tenths?
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What decimal is the 38 tenths place in?

38 tenths in decimal = 3.8

What is the deciamal notation of 38 and 5 tenths?


How do you wright 3.2 in words?

Three and two tenths.

Wright 9.8 in words?

Nine and eight tenths.

How old were the wright brothers when they created the airplane?

Wilbur wright was about 38 and Orville wright was about 39

How do you wright 6.8 in words?

I have no idea how you could wright it. If you wanted to write it in words, it is six and eight tenths.

Wright in words the number 80.06?

eighty and six tenths

How you wright 3 tenths as a decimal?

You do not. You could write it as 0.3

How can you round 38.25 to the tenths?

38.25 rounding to the tenths is 38.00 or just 38 your choice

How do you write 38 tenths in decimals?


What is 4 and 3 tenths?


How do wright fourteen and three tenths as a decimal number?

Not sure how you might wright it but you would write it as 14.3