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Not really sure what that's supposed to be.

Two hundred and three tenths is 200.3

Two hundred and nine tenths is 200.9

Two hundred three and nine tenths is 203.9

Everything added together is 201.2

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Q: How do you write 200 add 3 tenths and 9 tenths as a decimal?
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How do you write the decimal of ten and six tenths?

10 + 6/10 = 10.6 'and' means to add.

What is seven tenths add two add one fifth and as a decimal fraction?

2.9 (if you mean a decimal)

How do you put decimals in a word form?

First, write out the whole number until the decimal point. Next write 'and' for the decimal point. Finally, write out the value of decimal part of the number: 0.X is tenths 0.XX is hundredths 0.XXX is thousandths 0.XXXX is ten thousandths...and so on. For example 13.4563 would be thirteen and four thousand five hundred sixty-three ten thousandths.

How do you write ten and five tenths as a decimal number?

ten and five tenths is the same thing as ten and one half its 10.5 or 10.50 it dose not matter if u add a zero

How do you write 200 as a decimal?

The only way is: 200.0 (plus as many more zeros as you want to add on the end)

How do you convert the fraction eight and four tenths into a decimal?

Multiply the the tenths piece of the fraction by 10, and add a decimal point after the 8. The answer is 8.04

How do you write forty five thousand six as a decimal?

45006 There is no need to add a decimal point at the end. And it would be incorrect to write it as 45006.0 since that would imply that the number is accurate to the tenths place - an implication that is not justified by the number.

How do you write Three and six tenths in a decimal?

3.6 because the 6/10 part is like saying .60 and you can choose to add the zero or leave it out

How do you write seven and nine hundredths in decimal?

7.09 as 7.9 is seven and nine tenths so add a 0 to make it seven and nine hundredths.

How do you write 2 and nine tenths as a decimal?

2.9. There are, of course, ten tenths in the value of 1. So 9 tenths is 9 out of that 10 which is 9/10 or 0.9 - just 0.1 less than 1. Add the 2 in front and you have 2.9.

What is 0.5 add 4 tenths answer as a decimal?


How do you write an equivalent decimal for a decimal?

add a 0 to the back of the decimal