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Q: How do you write a number as an integer?
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How do you write 5789 as an integer?

The number 5789 is already an integer.

Is -3 a real number and an integer?

Yes. An integer has no fractions and if you can write it, it's a real number!

How do you write 2 million as an integer?

2,000,000 an integer is any whole number

How do you write 187 as an integer?

187 is already an integer because it is a whole number

How do you write 500 percent as an integer?

500% as an integer or whole number is 5

How do you write 7 3rds as a mixed number?

Divide 7 by 3, using integer division. Write the result (which must be an integer) as the whole number. Write the remainder as the numerator, over the number 3 which is the denominator.

How do you write 5 as an integer?

5 is an integer; it is a whole number without a decimal or fraction.

How do you write 4650000 as a mixed number?

4650000 is an integer and there is no sensible way to write it as a mixed number.

How do you write 318 as an integer?

By leaving it alone because the whole number of 318 is already an integer

What is 17.5 as a whole?

You can't write a non-integer as an integer. You can round it to the closest integer if you like, but it's not exactly the same number.

How do you write 700 BC as an integer?

Exactly as it is because 700 is already an integer which means it is a whole number.

How do you write an integer?

The reason you're having so much difficulty writing it is that there's no such thing as an "interger". An "integer" is a whole number. Any time you write a number that doesn't have any fraction or decimal in it, you have written an integer.