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Q: How do you write annyeonghi jumusipsiyo?
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How to write farewell in Korean?

Annyeonghi keseyo modu kamsahamnida

What is the meaning of annyeonghi jumuseyo?

annyeongui jumuseyo

Annyeonghi gaseyo?

안녕히 가세요“Goodbye” in Korean

What is the Korean way of saying bye?

in-yung-he-ga-sa-yo. this is how you say it if you leave that person. in-yung-he-gi-sa-yo this is how you say it if that person leaves hope this helps~

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it helps us to make work easier it help us to understant things in our sourroundings "'SCIENCE IS EVERYTHING"" . . . . . . . . I hope i answer your question by:little angel (queenie) ^___-- annyeonghi

What does pai pai means in Korean?

"Pai pai" in Korean doesn't have a specific meaning as it is a transliteration of a Japanese term for "bye bye" or "goodbye". In Korean, the term used for goodbye is "μ•ˆλ…•νžˆ κ°€μ„Έμš”" (annyeonghi gaseyo) or "잘 κ°€" (jal ga).

How do you say bye in Korea?

There are lots of words to say that expression. 안녕 ( an nyoung ) or 잘가 ( jal ga ) to your friends 안녕히 가세요 ( an nyoung hee ga se yo ) to someone who leaves from your house. 안녕히 계세요 ( an nyoung hee gye se yo ) to someone when you leave from someone's house. There is more , but these are basic expressions.

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