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Q: How does a stellar dendrites looks like?
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What are three types of snowflakes?

Three types of snowflake shapes are stellar dendrites, sectored plates, and hollow columns. While stellar dendrites appear tree-like, hollow columns are hexagonal tube-like structures. There can be other shapes like needles and spatial dendrites.

What are the 7 main snowflakes?

The 7 main kinds of snowoflakes are: # Simple Prisms # Stellar Plates # Sectored Plates # Stellar Dendrites # Fernlike Stellar Dendrites # Hollow Columns # Irregular Crystals

What are basic snowflake shapes?

Some basic snowflake shapes include dendrites (six arms with delicate branches), plates (flat and hexagonal), columns (elongated and cylindrical), and needles (thin and rod-like). Each snowflake shape depends on factors such as temperature and humidity during formation.

What is a tight ball of stars that looks like a ball is called?

Star cluster or Stellar cluster.

What is a tight group of stars that looks like a ball is called?

Star cluster or Stellar cluster.

What is the name for ice crystals?

needle clusters hollow plates crossed needles stellar dendrites skeletal form...

What are the different types of snow crystals?

There are many types of snow crystals, including simple prisms, stellar dendrites with intricate branching patterns, sectored plates with radial features, and capped columns with end-plates. Each type forms under specific temperature and humidity conditions in the atmosphere, resulting in different shapes and structures.

How does the shape of the nerve cells shape do its job?

It can cling onto the bones and muscels with the dendrites ( parts coming of that looks like strings}

What is quasr stand for?

The word is "quasar", and it stands for "quasi-stellar object", because superficially, it looks like a star.

What color is a stellar nursery?

alot of different colors; it looks like a galaxy and has stars; stars form in a nebula, from collapsing clouds of interstellar gas and dust

What are the root like structures of a nerve that receive impulses and conduct them to the cell body?

The dendrites are the root-like structures of a nerve that receive electrical impulses The dendrites then conduct the impulse to the cell body. Dendrites are root-like structures of a nerve cell that receive impulses and conduct them to the cell body.

The tree like structures on a neuron are called?

the neuron is composed of 4 parts the cell body which contains the nucleus the axon which carry the information and the terminal button which distribute the neurons the dendrites which are the branches that come out.... the dendrites receive the signal.