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Q: How does an hourglass play a specific role in geometric terms?
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Can you not play phantom hourglass to understand Spirit Tracks?

Yes, you don't have to play Phantom Hourglass and still understand Spirit Tracks.

Can you play the Legend of Zelda phantom hourglass online?


Will Zelda Phantom Hourglass play on the Nintendo DSi?

Yes, it should play fine.

Do you have to play The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass with the stylus?


How do you play as tetra in the legend of Zelda phantom hourglass?

You don't.

What does link play in phantom hourglass?

What do you mean? Instrument? I dont think there is one. He just has a short period of time to do things (the time inside the hourglass.)

Should you play legend of Zelda wind waker to play legend of Zelda phantom hourglass?

if you want to hear the whole story then YESSSS! but phantom hourglass kinda has it's own theme but if you play wind waker then you will no whats going on so sure.

How do you get the golden wheel for Zelda phantom hourglass?

You have to do a Big Play or buy it from Beedle.

What Legend of Zelda games can you play online?

Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks

Can you play phantom hourglass online?

No. I f*cking ban you. :) But really. You cant >.>

Where is Salvador in phantom hourglass?

bannan island. you go through the cave and bomb the rocks. you can play a minigame there

Is legand of Zelda hard?

It depends on which game you play. Twilight princess took me about 4 months (I only get to play on the weekends), while Phantom Hourglass took me 1 month.