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Obviously it will decrease your sales if their prices are below yours.

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Q: How does competitiors low prices affect your sales?
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How do prices affect trade?

When prices are low, trade decreases.

Why does Walmart have low prices?

As a marketing strategy to increase sales and profit.

Are camera sales common at Wal-Mart?

Sometimes Wal-Mart offers sales on cameras. Usually, the prices are very low any time of the year, however.

What is in a free enterprise economy supply and demand affect the of a product?

In a free enterprise system, when supply is low and demand is high, prices are higher, but when supply is high and and demand is low, prices are lower.

What type of elastomer accounts for most synthetic rubber industry sales?

Commodity elastomers, which account for the bulk of industry sales, are available at relatively low prices from several manufacturers.

How do the indirect taxes affect the private business?

Indirect taxes causes an increase in prices... But, first we would see the price elasticity of the product, that the business sells. If the price elasticity is high, then, the increase in prices would result in less sales. resulting in low profits. On the other hand, if the price elasticity is low, it would not affect the business much. This is because the product would be in demand and people would be buying it because it costs a small proportion of the income or it is a basic necessity, for example: Bread. For this business, there would be a very small change in sales revenue and hence, profits.

What are Lowes cheapers prices for vanitys?

The beautiful thing about Lowe's is that they have everyday low prices so they don't actually need to run a lot of sales. You can be assured that when you are shopping at Lowe's you are getting the best prices available, sale or no sale.

Where can i find running shoes at sale price?

Outlet malls always have sale prices and often great shoes for low prices. You can also call your local shoe stores and ask when sales are coming up. Maximize your savings by waiting for holidays. The sales are often better.

What stores offer low carpeting prices? offers the least expensive prices for indoor carpeting and can offer a wide variety of color and texture choices. They also hold frequent sales.

What kind of sales can I get for a cruise?

If your looking for sales, you will have to look for cruises during the low or shoulder seasons. This season is when visiting the region is less desirable than the peak season and you will be able to get cheaper prices on the same cruise.

How important are low price in determining the long term success of Terfil Enterprises?

low prices encourages deman increaser due to increase in demand the sales rise so as the profit of the busines :)

What stores offer the best deals on televisions?

If you are looking for a great buy on a television, check out Walmart. They have amazing sales, especially around the holidays, which offer top name brands for low, low prices.