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it affects because when you multiply you have to move the decimals to the left or right.......(helpful info)

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2011-03-29 23:00:12
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Q: How does place value affect decimals when you multiply?
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What is the value and place value of decimals?

what is the place value of 198,752 underline digit is 9

How can you add decimals without a place-value chart to make sure you adding the same place value?

you can line up the decimals

What is the place value of the decimals?

A single digit in a number can have a place value. A number with several digits cannot.

What does 1 to 100 mean when you are talking about place value of decimals?

What does it mean to talk about place

What is the definition of comparing and ordering whole numbers and decimals?

place value :)

How does a place value chart help you add and subtract decimals?

Place Value Charts help you because they put the decimal in the right place.

How do you multiply by two-digit numbers?

To multiply two digit numbers, multiply each place value of a factor by each place value digit and add the results.

What is the place value commonly used when converting between decimals and percents?


What place value has to do with adding and subtracting decimals?

because if you don't know the place value you might have trouble answering the question and you might get it wrong .

What are equivalent decimals?

They are decimals that have equal value.

When converting decimals to fractions is the place value of the number farthest to the right the denominator?

For terminating decimals, yes - the place value of the digit farthest to the right (furthest after the decimal point) is the denominator. Don't forget to simplify the fraction (if possible).

Do equivalent decimals are decimals that have the same value?


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