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23.243822 miles per hour

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Q: How fast would you have to be running to cover 60 yards in 5.28 seconds?
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How many yards did you run in 45 seconds at 4 mph?

At 4 mph, you would cover 88 yards in one minute. In 45 seconds, you would cover 66 yards (88 multiplied by 0.75).

How many yards will a car cover in 5 seconds if it is traveling at 90mph?

90 mph = 220 yards in 5 seconds.

How fast are you running if im running 40 yards in 6.5 seconds?

13 mph

How fast will your 60 yd be if you run your 40 yard dash in 4.27seconds?

Running 40 yards in 4.2 seconds is equal to running 19.5 MPH.

A man is running 100 yards in 10.2 seconds. What would be the expected time in 100 m?

100 metres = 109.3613 yards so, IF the man can maintain the same average speed for the extra distance, he would take 11.155 seconds (approx).

What would 28.65 seconds for 50 yards swimming convert to for 50 meters?

28.65 seconds for 50 yards would be the same as 31.33 seconds for 50 meters.

How many yards is a person running if they finished a 110 yard race in 15 seconds?

110 yards no matter how fast they run.

If you ran the 50 yard dash in 6.6 seconds how many miles an hour were you running?

(50 yards/6.6 seconds) x (3,600 seconds/hour) / (1,760 yards/mile) = 15.496 miles per hour (rounded)

How long does it take to run 220 yards?

The time it takes to run 220 yards can vary depending on the individual's speed and fitness level. On average, a person running at a moderate pace could complete 220 yards in around 30-40 seconds. Professional sprinters may cover the distance in under 25 seconds.

If you ran 100 yards in 9.2 seconds how long would it take you to run 220 yards?

It would take: (220/100) times 9.2 = 20.24 seconds

What is 55meters in 6.47 second converted into 60 yards?

55 meters in 6.47 seconds would be the same as 60 yards in 6.454 seconds.

Is running 100 yards in 15 seconds good for a 45 year old?

no it's slow at any age