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Q: How finite resources are formed answer for kids?
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Resources which main has at his disposal are finite?

resources which main has at his disposal are finite while wants are infinite

Is a metal finite resources?

yes it is

Finite resources are those which are what?


What is the infinite natural resources?

There are no infinite natural resources. The universe is finite.

What is an example sentence for the word finite?

Coal is a finite resource on Earth.The finite resources will eventually run out.

Finite resources are those which are?

limited in supply.

What is inexhaustible and exhaustable resource?

EXHAUSTIBLE RESOURCES: resources of which a finite quantity is in existence.

What materials are finite resources?

wateroilnatural gascoalanything that will run out

How do you use finite resources well?

You don't. End of.

How can you save finite resources?

we can save resources in many different ways, but recycling is crucial

What is important thing of finite resources?

oil,gas and coal.

Some examples of finite resources?

oil, gas, and coal