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The word "uncia" refers to a unit of length equal to one twelfth of another unit, the pes. The word inch, which is one twelfth of a foot, derives from the word "uncia".

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Q: How is a uncia similar to the inch?
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Who discover inches?

The word INCH comes from a Latin word Uncia. Uncia means 1/12 and an inch is 1/12 of a foot. In other languages the word for inch is similar to the word for thumb. The exact origin and founder is very much disputed.

What is the latin word uncia mean?

The Latin word uncia, which means "the twelfth part" of something, is the source of the English word "inch".

Why is an inch called an inch?

An inch is a twelfth of a foot; the word inch comes from the Latin uncia-, meaning a twelfth.

How did the term inch originate?

From ynce derived from the Latin uncia "twelfth part".

What you know as an inch was originally what?

The English word inch comes from ther Latin uncia, meaning one twelfth part. In some languages the word inch is similar to the word thumb. So in English the word 'ynche' was defined as the width of an average mans thumb

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What does uncia uncia?

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What does Uncia Uncia mean?

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What is the origin of the word inch?

From Old English ynce from Latin uncia "a twelfth part" (viz. of a foot), one of few early borrowings into OE from Latin (prior to the Norman invasion after which many such borrowings occurred).

What is the other name of the snow leopard?

The Latin binomial "Uncia uncia" was updated in 2008 to "Panthera uncia".