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Although they do look different, they both have two bases and face(s). So keep in mind the same idea, but only with drawing different shapes. Basically, a cylinder is a round prism.

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Q: How is drawing a cylnder the same as drawing a prism?
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How do you draw a pentagonal prism?

With a drawing utensil

Can you show me a picture of a triangular prism?

can you please show me a drawing of a rectangle prisms

Is a square prism and a rectangular prism the same?


How many edges has a cylnder got?


How is a cube and rectangular prism the same?

A cube is a special case of a rectangular prism. If each edge of a rectangular prism were of the same measure, then it would be a cube.

Why is a cube a prism?

A prism has the same cross section throughout its length no matter what form it may take i.e. a cubic prism, a cuboid prism, a triangular prism, a hexagonal prism, a cylindrical prism etc.

How many right angles on a pentagonal prism?

It depends on the prism. A prism that has a regular pentagon as base but is not a right prism has no right angles. At the other extreme, consider a right prism whose bases are pentagons that resemble a child's drawing of a house (square with a triangle roof). If the angles of the roof triangle are 90-45-45, the prism will have 22 right angles.

Do all rectangular prism's have the same size of faces?

yes because if it doesn't have the same faces then its not a rectangular prism

What kind of drawing is 3D drawing?

A 3D drawing is when you use shadows and a sense of depth to create space. making the drawing more convincing and ugly.just kidding more real i meant.

Is it supposed to be hexagonal pyramid or prism?

they are the same one is a prism and one is a pyramid

What is the cube and rectagular prism the same?

A cube is a special kind of rectangular prism.

Is a cuboid same as a rectangular prism?

Yes. A cuboid is also a rectangular prism