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Q: How is the angle relationship affected when they are formed by parallel lines?
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What angle form when two line parallel?

No angle is formed. That's what parallel means.

What is the angle formed between two parallel lines?

An angle is formed where two lines meet. Parallel lines do not meet. Therefore they do not form an angle. So there is no angle to have a name. So no name.

What quadrangle has one pair of parallel sides and one right angle?

Such a quadrangle cannot exist. The right angle must be formed by one of the parallel sides and one of the non-parallel sides. Then the angle formed at the other end of that non-parallel side would also be a right angle (the non-parallel side would be a transversal intercepting the two parallels). But then the quadrangle has two right angles, and not just one. No its Trapezoid

What is formed by two rays called?

Skew lines, parallel lines or an angle.

What is transversal angle?

They are angles formed by the transversal line cutting through parallel lines

Angle formed by parallel lines and transversal lines that lie outside parallel lines?

after a TON of research we came p with alternate exterior angles.

What is the name of the shape formed when two lines are drawn away from a single point?

That is called an angle.

Is it possible to have a shape where a right angle is formed by parallel lines?

I'm sorry there is no possible way to make a parallel lines form a right angle in any sort of shape unless u where to bend one of the lines in which case they would no longer be parallel.

What is formed by two real number lines that intersect at a right angle?

A perpendicular line is formed when two lines meet at a right angle. Opposite angles in a perpendicular line are parallel to each other.

What is the relationship between rays and angles?

An angle is formed by two rays with a common endpoint.

What is a central angle and what is the relationship of the central angle and the intercepted arc?

In a circle, a central angle is formed by two radii. By definition, the measure of the intercepted arc is equal to the central angle.

Are right angles parallel?

Parallel refers to lines and not angles A right angle is formed by 2 lines that are perpendicular to each other and not parallel If you already have a line and you draw two lines which are at right angles to it, those two lines are parallel.