How long is 9 tents of a inch?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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2.286 cm

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Q: How long is 9 tents of a inch?
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Is 0.16 sixteen tenths of an inch or sixteen hundredths of an inch?

.1 is one tenth. Therefore, 16 tents would be 16x.1. Thus, .16 is not sixteen tents, but rather 16 hundredths.

What is the volume of a brick that is 9 inch long 4.5 inch wide 3 inch depth?

It is: 9*4.5*3 = 121.5 cubic inches

Why is a Y 9 inch long?

I would assume a Y is 9 inches long because someone wrote it that big.

Is a 9 inch long big?

Yes, that's quite big.

How long is 9mm?

25.4 mm = 1 inch 9 mm = 0.354 inch (rounded) That's a touch longer than 1/3 inch.

What are the release dates for Two Tents - 2006?

Two Tents - 2006 was released on: USA: 9 September 2006 (Fearless Filmmakers Screening Event)

Is a 9 inch spring form pan 9 inch steep or 9 inch wide?

It is 9 inches wide.

How many 9 inch long blocks of wood can be cut from a board that is 7.5 feet long?

A board that is 7.5 feet long is 7.5 x 12 = 90 inches long. You can (mathematically) make 10 blocks 9 inches long from 90 inches of material, but only if the blade of your saw has a width (kerf) of zero. In the real world, you'll get 8 blocks and a good bit of change sawing 9 inch blocks off a 7.5 foot board. For a saw kerf of 0.125 inches (1/8th of an inch), You'll have lost 1 inch in your cuts, and you'll get 8 of the 9-inch pieces with your leftover piece being 8 inches long.

How many 1 inch servings are in a 9 inch x 9 inch pan?

9 inches x 9 inches = 81 one inch servings

A pipe that is 36 inches long needs to be cut into two and one fourth in long pieces How many pieces would be cut from this length of pipe?

2 1/4 inch is 9/4 inch long pieces, so if pipe is 36 in long then 36/divided by 9/4 is 36 times 4/9 = 16 pieces

The room is 9 foot long by 9 foot wide how many 12 inch tiles would you need?

6.75 Tiles

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