How long is a yard of ribbon?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: How long is a yard of ribbon?
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Jane had 16 yards of ribbon she made pieces of ribbon that were 25 yard long how many pieces did she make?

If you have 16 yards you can't make a 25 yard long piece. I think you meant how many 25 FEET long pieces. There are 3 feet in one yard. Figure it out.

The cheerleaders want to make spirit ribbons Each ribbon will be one-sixth of a yard long They need two hundred fifty ribbons How much ribbon should they buy?

If they need 250 ribbons, and are making 6 ribbon per yard (36" in a yard divided by 1/6th = 6") then they need 41.666 yards of ribbon. Or....I'd get 42 yards for extra or 126 feet if it comes by the foot.

4 yards of ribbon for 69 cents a yard or 5 yards of ribbon for 3.25?

The 5-yard price is a better deal.

How many inches are in a yard of ribbon?

3ft. in 1 yard.12in. in 1 foot.12 times 3 equals 36 inches.

How many hair bows can you make with 1 yard of ribbon?

The number of hair bows you can make with 1 yard of ribbon depends on the size and design of the bows. On average, you can make 3-4 small to medium-sized hair bows with 1 yard of ribbon.

Velvet ribbon costs 1.25 per yard and regular ribbon costs 0.60 per yard. Beri is purchasing the same amount of ribbon in order to make hairbows for her volleyball team. In total before tax Beri spend?

1.85*Y units of currency where Y is the length of either fabric, in yards.

One yard of ribbon cost 0.49 and 3 yards of ribbon cost 1.46 which has the lower unit price?

1 yard cost 0.49 so the unit cost is 0.49 per yard. 3 yards cost 1.46 so the unit cost is 1.46/3 = 0.4866.. per yard So the second has the lower unit price.

Math molly had a ribbon that was 23 inches long she cut 7 inches off the ribbon how long is her ribbon now?

23 - 7 = 16 so Molly now has 16 inches of ribbon left.

If a ribbon cost 35 cents a yard how much is 2.5 yards cost?

88.5 cents

How many pieces of ribbon each 3.2cm long can be cut from a spool of ribbon 15 m long?


Marta wants to tie a ribbon around the sides of a hexagonal box and then tie a bow Each side of the box is 4 inches long She needs 14 inches for the bow Is one yard of ribbon enough?

First we need to figure out how far it is around the box. Since it is a hexagonal box, we have 6 sides. Each side is 4 inches long, so it is 6*4 = 24 inches around the box. Then, we need to figure out how many inches are in a yard. One yards is 3 feet, and 1 foot is 12 inches, so we have 3 (feet/yard) * 12 (inches/foot) = 36 inches. Since the box is 24 inches around, if she wraps the 36 inch (1 yard) ribbon around the box, she will have 36 - 24 = 12 inches left for the bow, but she needs 14, so no, it is not long enough.

Halle has two ribbons. The blue ribbon is 58cm. The green ribbon is 38 cm longer than the blue ribbon. How long is the green ribbon?