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Dividing distance travelled by speed gives 70/9 = 7.7 recurring (that is, 7.7777...) hours or 7 hours 46 minutes 40 seconds.

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Q: How long would it take to travel 70 miles going 9mph?
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What is 18 miles in 2 hours written as a unit rate?

In 2 hours you travel 18 miles, so in half the time, 1 hour, you'll travel half the distance, 9 miles. So you've travelled at 9 miles per hour (9mph).

How many hours is 149 miles?

if your going 75 mph then itll take you about 2 hours 37mph = 4 hours 18mph = 8 hours 9mph = 16 hours

What is the speed of a Zamboni?

9mph, 15kmh

How long will it take to run 1 mile at 9mph?

It would be about 6:23 or 6:40. :D

What is the top speed of the Zamboni?

9mph, 15kmh

What is the top speed of a zamboni?

9mph, 15kmh

If you run 9 mph for an hour and 40 minutes how far will you of run?

9 mph for 1 hour and 40 minutes is 15 miles. 1 hour at 9 mph = 9 miles 40 minutes at 9mph = 6 miles 9 miles + 6 miles = 15 miles

If A cyclist bikes x distance at 10 miles per hour and returns over the same path at 8 miles per hour. What is the cyclist's average rate for the round trip in miles per hour?

The average speed for the entire trip is 9mph.

Is 9mph windy?

Its enough to rustle leaves but nothing extreme or unusual. 9 mph would be a normal light breeze that we feel almost everyday.

Is running 6 mile in an hr a good time and pace?

Running 10k (6.2 miles) in sub 40 mins is typically referred to as a benchmark for a 'good' runner. So yes I would say it is a good time.

What is the speed of someone running three fourths of a mile for 5 minutes?

Assuming you mean "running three fourths of a mile in 5 minutes", it's 9mph. 5 minutes is 1/12 of an hour (5/60 = 12), so if he could keep up that pace for an hour, he would run 3/4 x 12 = 9 miles.

What is the fastest chicken in the world?

The fastest breed of chicken is the Leghorn, capable of running up to 9 mph.