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Without cutting them up, only 3.

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Q: How many 13 diameter circles can fit into a rectangle 50x17?
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How many 2 inch circles will fit into a 12 inch by 16 inch rectangle?

48- 2 inch circles with fit in a 12x16 rectangle.

How many plane shapes does a cylinder have and what are they?

It has three which are two circles and a rectangle

How many side does cylinder have?

Three. Two circles, top and bottom, and a rolled up rectangle.

How many 37mm diameter circles fit into a 600mm diameter circle?

If you divide 600 mm by 37 mm, you will know how many circles you can place side-by-side. In other words, you would be comparing the diameters.If on the other hand you want to compare the area, you have to square the previous result.

What does circle have to do with math?

Circle is a shape. We have gotten to know a lot from circles. Because of circles, we get PI, radius, diameter, circumference, and other things. Circles fall into geometry, which is math. We can make many mathematical equations from circles.

How many 300mm circles in a sq metre?

Assuming the 300 mm refers to the diameter, there are 9.

How many shape of faces does a cylinder have?

It has three shapes. Two surfaces are flat circles and one is a curved rectangle.

How many square yards in a fifteen foot diameter circles?

This area is 19,639 45 square yards.

What is a billboard advertising?

Billboard advertising is when you display an advertisement on a giant rectangle usually near a freeway or atop a building in a metropolitan area. The rectangle usually is many feet in diameter.

How many circles of the same diameter can fit into a square to have the least area left without overlapping?

1^2 or 2^2 or 3^2 or 4^2.... and it goes on...where diameter of circle is equal to the side of square divided by square root of total numbers of circles.. eg : side of square = 10 no of circles = 2^2 square root = 2 therefore diameter = 10/2=5.

A diameter divides a circle in two rgions called segments?

True, but many people nowadays like semi-circles instead.

What is the method for finding pi?

Circumference of a circle = (pi) x diameter of the circle therefore,pi = Circumference/diameter or plot a graph of circumference against diameter using many circles and the slope of the line on the graph would be equal to pi.