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Q: How many 4x4 tile would you need for 120 sq ft?
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How many 12X24 tiles would you need for 240 sq ft?

A 12x24 tile is 2 square feet. There are 120 tiles that would be needed.

How many 18 x 18 tile what I need to cover 120 square-foot?


How many 12x12 square inch tiles are need for 120 square feet?

A 12 inch by 12 inch tile is 1 ft by 1 ft, which is 1 square foot. So you would need 120 tiles.

How many 12x12 pavers would you need to do 120 sq feet?


How many 24 x 24 tiles needed for 120 sq ft?

Each 24x24 tile is 2 sq ft. You need 60 tiles minimum.

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How many 4 inch x 4 inch tiles would you need for 120 sq feet?

Area of each tile = 4*4 = 16 sq inches. Area to be covered = 120 sq ft = 120*12*12 = 17280 sq inches. Therefore, minimum number of tiles required = 1080. However, this assumes that the area to be covered is a shape such that no tiles need to be cut, or that all the offcuts are used. The assumptions are unlikely in real life and you should allow 5% extra. On the other hand, there are grouting gaps (between tiles), which will increase the effective coverage of each tile.

How many pieces of tile would it take for a room that is 12 ft long and 10 ft wide assuming 17 x 17 tile?

12 feet is 144 inches, 144 inches / 17 inches per tile = 8.47 tiles, just round to 8.5 10 feet is 120 inches, 120 inches / 17 inches per tile = 7.05 tiles, just round to 7.5 8.5 tiles by 7.5 tiles is 63.75 tiles, round to 64 tiles.

How many tiles 16x16 inches need to cover 221 SF area?

If this is homework the answer looks like this16X16= (sq inches per tile)Sq Inches per tile divided by 144 = (sq feet per tile)(about 2.2 sq ft per tile) but do your own math, that's what a cell phone calculator is for,divide 221 by sq feet per tile= your # of tiles neededIf this is the real world there are grout lines, miscuts & broken tile & undersized tiles to consider, ask the guy at home depot to figure it.. I would expect. 100-120 tiles on your cart at check out

How do you measure a room for 12x12 tile?

width times length 10 x 12 room needs 120 tile.

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