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2.00/0.05 = 40 lollies.

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Q: How many 5 cent lollies can you buy for 2.00?
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How many 1 cent stamps can you buy 200 dollars?

20,000 1 cent stamps with $200.

How many 10 cent lollies can you buy for 1.50?

You can buy 15, if there is no tax involved. One dollar is 100 cents, and .50 means 50 cents.

How many cent lollies can you buy for 1.50?

If they really cost only one cent and there is no tax involved, you could buy 150. One dollar equals 100 cents, and .50 means 50 cents.

How many 20 cents lollies can you buy with 4 dollars?

You can buy 20 x 20cent lollies with 4 dollars.

What are the best Lollies to buy in America?

My penis.

How many 20 cent lollies can i buy with 4?

Twenty 0.20 + 0.20 + 0.20 + 0.20 + 0.20 = 1.00 = 0.20 x 5 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00 = 4.00 = 1.00 x 4 then 5 x 4 = 20

How many 20p lollies can you buy with four pound?

Come on unless you're four this should be easy as pie. In on pound there's five 20 P's so times that by four is twenty. You can by twenty lollies

What can you buy worth 1 American dollar in Peru?

lollies and candys or maybe chew's

Where can you buy sovereign hill raspberry drops in Melbourne?

The Warrandyte Lollies & Treats stocks them :)

If I buy six 30 cent lollies how much will I spend?

one dollar eighty cents0.30 x 6 = 1.80

How can you sneak lollies into a school camp?

I know how you can sneak lollies to school camp buy a teddy from an op shop and cut off its head and pull all the stuffing out fill the teddy up with lollies and tah da dont forget to sew it up or get your nanny to sew it up hopes it helps {either that or hope your friend brings lollies}

How many 45 cent coins could you buy for 2?

The answer will depend on 2 what!