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It all depends:

(a) on the size of the tables;

(b) whether the tables can be packed so that they touch one another;

(c) on the length and width of the room. A 4500 sq ft room could be 1 ft by 4500 ft so that no reasonably sized table would fit in it.

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Q: How many 60 round tables can you fit into 4500 square feet room?
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How many acres are there in 4500 square feet?

There are 43560 square feet in an acre. Therefore, rounded to three decimal places, 4500 square feet is equal to 4500/43560 = 0.103 acres.

How many square yards are equivalent to 4500 square feet?

There are 3 square feet in a square yard, so divide 4500 by 3.4500/3=1500 square yards

How many square feet are 4500 square meters?


How many square feet are in a 500 square yards?

500 x 9 = 4500 square feet

How many acres is in 4500 SQFT?

There are 0.1033 acres in 4500 square feet.

How many feet is 4500 square feet?

Cubic ft and square feet cannot be compared. -They are totally different.

How many square feet's are there in one kanal?

1 kanal = 4500 square feet = 500 square yards

How many 48 inch round tables fit in a 600 square foot room?

The fact that the tables are round is a distraction as (since most rooms are rectangular) each table would have to fit in a square 48 inches by 48 inches (or 4 foot by 4 foot). This means that each table will take up 4*4 = 16 square feet. If you divide 16 into 600 you come up with 37.5 tables so in theory you could fit 37 tables into it. However, if the room was 1 foot wide and 600 feet long you would not be able to fit any tables into it. Only if the room was irregularly shaped could you fit the maximum number of 4 ft round tables, each of which has the area (pi)(22) or about 12.57 square feet. A total area of 600 square feet would fit the "area" of 47.75 of the tables. By arranging the tables in staggered rows, a rectangular room could fit between 37 and 42 tables, depending on the room width.

How many feet in 4500 square feet?

Square feet is area, and feet is distance. They are not convertible. A 4500 square foot area can be made by a rectangle 45 ft by 100 ft, or 50 ft by 90 ft, or 25 ft x 180 ft; etc.

Which is bigger 5000 sq feet or 4500 sq meters?

4500 square meters is a much larger area.

How many square feet in 4500 feet long and 200 feet wide?

900,000 sq. ft.

What is square feet of 5 feet wide and 900 feet long?

If that's a rectangle, simply multiply length x width.