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Q: How many 8 inch cinder blocks are there in one skid?
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What are the reasons a brake pedal would jam?

abs lol when the abs senses a skid it blocks the peddle preventing you from pushing it any further which would cause you to skid anymore

How thick should the non-skid coating be when applied to the surface?

One sixteenth of an inch

How many feet will a car skid going 80 miles per hour?

Cars don't skid

Can you drive a skid loader without a CDL?

A CDL license is required to drive a skid loader. Many employers will require a CDL to get positions that require the operation of a skid loader.

How many boards of plywood are on a skid?


Which companies manufacture skid loaders?

Many different companies manufacture skid loaders. One manufacturer of skid loaders is Bobcat, other manufacturers include Catipilar, Zhejiang, Case, Mustang and Toyota.

Where would i find a skid loader?

You can find a skid loader at many websites online. One such website is

What is the future tense of skid?

Will skid.

What is the advantages of an anti skid system in an aircraft?

The advantages of anti-skid system are that the plane does not skid when the runway gets slippery or watery. The runway gets slippery if there is a heavy downpur due to storms etc... The Anti-Skid system prevents it and saves the lives of many passengers and damage to airplane.

What is the past tense of skid?

The past tense of skid is skidded. Your car may skid in the rain. My car skidded across the intersection.

What is a counter skid?

When a car skids, the rear end of the car is coming around, a counter skid is when you counter that first skid in an attempt to correct the skid.

What is the Skid Steer attachment used for?

A skid steer has many uses from landscaping to construction. Attachments are available to increase the functionality of a skid steer. For instance, a brush cutter attachment would be used for removing brush, while a snow push attachment would give the skid steer snow plowing capability.