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an a2 has 6 pieces of a4

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Q: How many A4 pieces of paper can you fit into an A2 piece of paper?
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How many pieces of A7 paper fit onto a piece of A2 paper?


How many pieces of A4 fit into A2?

4 pieces of A4 fit on one piece of A2.

How many stamps can fit on a standard piece of paper?

a lot

How can you transfer a delicate tissue paper pattern on to a more substantial paper such as waxed paper and where can you find said paper wide enough to fit pattern pieces?

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Do you mean 'How many cats can you draw on a piece of paper'? It depends on your art style and how big you draw them So you mean, 'How many cats can stand/sit/lie on a piece of paper at once'? It depends on the size of the cats, and the size of the paper actually, any answer to your loose question depends on the size of the paper.

How many pieces of A4 fit into A3?

Two - A sheet of A4 paper is exactly half the size of a sheet of A3.

How many words can you fit on a A5 piece of paper?

Well That really depends On how Big your writing is and How chunky your pen is

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It depends on the size of the paper and the size of the locker door. A standard letter-size piece of paper (8.5 x 11 inches) will likely fit on a standard size locker door, but larger papers may not fit.

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The sluban pieces do fit with Lego pieces.

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