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About 17,000

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Q: How many Canadian pilots died World War 2?
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How many Canadian pilots were there in World War 1?

there was only 1 for a fact

How many pilots were in a World War 2 British squadron?

there were 100,000 RAF (royal air force) pilots in the World War II and 90,000 died in the war

How many pilots died in World War I?

14,166. on allied powers , the central powers is unknown

How many Canadian soldiers died in world war 2?


How many German pilots died in World War 1?

Many German pilots died in world war two I'm pretty sure no one is exactly for sure but there may be some one out there who does know and type any comments and if you have any corrections please make them thanks

How many pilots were inside a spitfire?

About 20,000 American spitfire pilots died in WW2.

Do pilots get any time at home?

They do there are many pilots in the world to do the flights

How many pilots airlins in the world?

There is no exact data as to how many airline pilots are in the world. There are an estimated 800,000 in the United States.

How many pilots who died in the blitz?

544 allied pilots and i don't know the stats for Luftwaffe

What was motivation for an American to leave home country to fight for France in Flyboys.?

Many American pilots did this in both world wars because US did not have an Air Force involved in the beginning of those wars. In WW2 many American pilots joined the Canadian and British Air Forces as well.

How many Canadian solders died in world war 2?

I could be wrong but I think it was 42 000.

How many pilots were in World War 2?