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A 45-foot circumference circle has an area of: 161.1 square feet.

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Q: How many Square feet in a 45 ft circumference circle?
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How many square feet are there in a circle with a circumference of 120 feet?


How many square feet in a 40ft circumference circle?

Approximately 127.32 square feet.

How many square feet in a circle with a 40 foot circumference?

127.324 ft2

How many square foot on a 50 feet circumference circle?

198.944 ft2

How many linear feet in a 24 foot diameter circle?

Circumference of the circle in feet = 24*pi Area of the circle in square feet = pi*122

How many square feet in a 14 foot round circle?

If you mean the distance around the circle (circumference) is 14 feet, then the area is 15.6 ft2

How many square feet in a 54 foot circle by 5 feet wide?

The answer depends on what the 54 feet measures: the radius, diameter or circumference.

A circle 15 feet wide how many linear feet?

A 15-foot wide circle has an interior area of 176.71 square feet and a distance around the outside (circumference) of 47.1 feet.

How many acres in 1850 foot circle?

What is it about the circle that's 1,850 feet ? ? ?Is it the diameter ? Is it the radius ? Is it the circumference ?If the diameter is 1,850 feet, then the area is 2,688,025.214 square feet = 61.709 acres. (rounded)If the radius is 1,850 feet, then the area is 10,752,100.86 square feet = 246.834 acres. (rounded)If the circumference is 1,850 feet, then the area is 272,353.9 square feet = 6.252 acres. (rounded)

How is the circumference of the inner circle is 44 feet. the distance between the inner circle and the outer circle is 3 feet. by how many feet is the circumference of the outer circle greater than th?

It is greater by 18.8 feet.

How many lineal feet around a 5 foot circle?

If the circle is 5 feet around the circumference then there are 5 linear feet in the circumference. If you are asking what is the circumference of a circle with a 5 foot diameter then the answer is Pi x d

How many linear feet are there in a 3 foot circle?

The circumference of a circle with a diameter of 3 feet is 9.4 feet.

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