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2640 ft x 90 ft = 237,600 sq ft

237,600 sq / 43,560 sq per acre = 5.45455 acres

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Q: How many acres in a lot 2640 feet by 90 feet?
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How many square feet or acres in a lot that measures 3043 linear feet?

Your question is meaningless. Talk to your teacher about the difference between area and length.

How many fence post for 11 acres at 10 feet apart?

Specifying the area inside the fence doesn't tell you the shape or the distancearound it (the "perimeter"). Here are the shortest possibilities. It could beanything longer than these.-- The shortest possible perimeter, requiring the least fence, is to enclosethe area inside a circle. For 11 acres, the diameter of the circle has to be781 feet, and the distance around it is 2,453.8 feet ... that's 246 fenceposts, not including whatever you do for a gate.-- If the sides of the lot are straight, then the shortest possible perimeteris a square. For 11 acres, each side of the square has to be 692.2 feet, andthe distance around it is 2,768.8 feet ... that's 277 fence posts plus the gate.If the lot is rectangular and not square, then the longer and skinnier it is,the more fence it'll need, with no limit. For example, the lot could be 33-ftwide and 14,520-ft long. That's 11 acres inside, and 29,106-ft around ...2,911 fence posts plus the gate.

How many feet is in 21 stories?

There is a lot of variation, but you can use 9 feet per story as a rough guide so 21 stories is 189 feet.

How many feet per second are in 40 miles per hour?

40 miles x 5,280 feet per mile = a lot a lot divided by 60 minutes divided by 60 seconds = 58.67 feet per second

How big is a 1 acre lot?

1 acre is 43,560 square feet, so a 1 acre lot could be 150 feet by 290.4 feet, or 200 feet by 217.8 feet, etc.If it is a 1 acre lot, it will be 43,560 square feet, no matter how it's laid out.

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