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52 angles.

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Q: How many angles does a 52 sided shape have?
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Sum of angles in a 52 sided shape?

180 x (52-2) = 9000 The sum of the interior angles is 9000 degrees.

What do you call a 52 sided shape?


What is a 52 sided shape called?


What is the name of 51-59 sided polygon?

The name of a 51 sided polygon is Pentaconhenagon. The name of a 52 sided polygon is Pentacondigon. The name of a 53 sided polygon is Pentacontrigon. The name of a 54 sided polygon is Pentacontetragon. The name of a 55 sided polygon is Pentaconpentagon. The name of a 56 sided polygon is Pentaconheptagon. The name of a 57 sided polygon is Pentaconhexagon. The name of a 58 sided polygon is Pentaconoctagon. The name of a 59 sided polygon is Pentaconenneagon.

What is a fifty-two sided shape?

A shape with 52 sides. If you're looking for the NAME of a fifty-two sided shape, I'm not quite sure myself. Try looking it up on Google.

What is the sum of the interior angles pentacontakaidigon?

It is: (n-2)*180 = sum of interior angles whereas 'n' is number of sides

What is a 52 sided polygon called?

pentacontakaidigon-52 sided polygon

How do you call a 52 sided polygon?

The name of a 52 sided polygon is Pentacondigon.

Is there a regular polygon with an interior angle angle sum of 9000?

Interior angles of any n-sided polygon sum to (2n - 4) right angles or 180n - 360 degrees. In your question this value = 9000, ie 180n = 9000 + 360 or 9360 degrees. 9360/180 = 52. A 52-sided polygon's interior angles total 9000 degrees.

What is the measure of a exterior angle 52?

The exterior angle of a 52-sided polygon is 360/52 = 6.92 degrees, approx.

What is a quad with two right angles?


How many possible outcomes are there if you pick a card from a deck of fifty-two and roll a dice?

52 x 6 if it is a six sided die.