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Q: How many are in a gross measurement?
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How many feet in a gross?

A gross is NOT a measurement - it is an amount!!! A gross is 144 - so a gross of shoes is 144 pair of shoes - a gross mile is 144 miles - a gross of glasses is 144 glasses. Seventy-two soldiers would have a gross of feet!

The measurement of economic growth begins with the Gross National Production?

The measurement of economic growth begins with the Gross National Production. This is the measure of all the good and services that are produced by a country.

What Countries do not use gross national product GNP as a measurement of their economy?


What type of measurement economic indicator is gross domestic product?

Gross domestic product (GDP) is a measure of total wealth in a given region.

How many tone did the Titanic weigh?

According to historian Steve Hall "Titanic was 46,328.57 Gross Registered Tons (GRT). This is a measurement of internal volume, the size of the ship in cubic feet; Divide it by 100 and you get the GRT. "

What is a gross ton of steel?

A gross ton of steel is equivalent to 2,240 pounds or 1.12 short tons. This measurement is commonly used in the steel industry to quantify large quantities of steel.

How are contribution margin and gross margin used for decision-making and measurement?

investment, financial markets, business accounting

How many is in a gross?

Twelve dozen = 144 = a gross

How many pencils are in a gross?

A gross equals 144

How many stone in a gross?

There are 12 stones in a gross.

How many items are in 10 gross?

A 'gross' is 144, so 10 gross is 1,440.

How many is 3 gross?

1 gross = 144 so, 3 gross = 432.