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The answer will depend on how many tiles per box.

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Q: How many boxes of tile would you need on a 560 square foot if the tile is 1.09?
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How many boxes of 24.12 square feet needed to do 120 square foot room?

About five (4.975) such boxes.

How many one foot square boxes can fit in a 6 foot long by 2 foot deep row?


How many 24 square foot boxes to cover 416 square feet?

17 and one-third.

How many boxes of laminate floor to cover 1400 square feet?

It depends on the size of the boxes. If the boxes are one square foot, then you need 1400 of them. This obviously differs with box size.

How many square feet is 10 foot by 10 foot?

on a wall it would be 100 square feet.

If the shelf is six feet long and two feet deep and the box in one foot square how many boxes can fix?


How many square feet are in 9 feet?

There aren't any square feet in nine feet. Square feet are 1 foot wide by 1 foot long. Nine feet is nine feet. You don't give any width or depth for someone to calculate. If you took your nine feet and cut it into one foot lengths you would be able to make two and one fourth, one square foot boxes if that's what your question is.

How many boxes in a twenty foot container?

The number of boxes that can fit in a 20-foot contain can vary a bit by the size of the boxes. Anywhere from 700 to 1000 boxes is average.

How do you determine how many boxes of tiles for a 240 square foot room?

30 boxes should work. Ceramic tile normally come in boxes of 10, so you would need 240 tiles or 24 boxes. Then add 20%-30% more for cutting edges, corners, islands, closets, waste, and breakage. That would be 5 - 7 more boxes. But it is best to have a few on hand for future repairs.

How many 20x20x20 inch boxes does it take to cover 400 square feet?

Depends on the shape of the 400 square foot area, and how you are using the boxes to cover it. The area of one face of a 20 inch cube is 400 square inches. There are 144 square inches in a square foot. So if the area to be covered is rectangular, its the sides are multiples of 20 inches, you could place 144 of the boxes on that rectangle to cover it. If you are talking about cutting the boxes open and using all 6 faces, that's another story. 1/6 of 144 is 24, so 24 boxes opened up have a total area of 400 square feet, but unless you are allowed to cut the boxes further into 20 inch squares, it might be difficult to get them to fit together to cover any reasonably shaped 400 square foot area.

How many square feet in 16 by 16 foot deck?

16 foot x 16 foot deck would be 256 square feet.

35 sq ft and 12x12 tile how many boxes of tile do I need.?

If the tiles are 12 inches x 12 inches then they measure 1 square foot. So, you would need 35 of them to cover an area of 35 square feet.