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Q: How many cement need per square meter in wall?
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How do you calculate cement for 100 square meter?

Given only the information that appears in the question you cannot. You also need to know how thick (deep) the cement needs to be.

How much cement sand and stone do you need for 1 cubic meter of concrete?

How much cement sand and stone do you need for 1 cubic meter of concre

How many 40kg bags of cement would you need for 1 square meter 4 inches thick slab floor?

You will need 5.5 40kg bags for this floor. This allows for a typical waste factor of 5%

How much cement mix do you need for a 3 meter x 3 meter slab?

9 metre2

How much cement will you need to cover 180 square feet?

How much cement is needed to cover 192 square feet of area

How many block and cement can complete a three bedrooms flat?

You need to figure out how many square feet the house will have and go from there.

How many square meters of turf will you need for an 8 x 4 meter garden?

32 square meters

How many BTU per square feet on baseboard heat?

You need 100W per square meter. 100W equals around 341.3BTU. 1 square meter are around 10.7 square feet. You therefore need around 32 BTU per square foot.

How much cement do you need for 150 square feet?


How many sheep per square meter?

Just one sheep is going to have to live on more land than one square meter. They need at least 3 square meters for their eating purposes.

How many square tiles of 20cm will cover a floor area one square meter?

You would need 25 (5x5).

How many yards of cement in 1200 square feet?

For a 4-inch depth you need at least 14.81 cubic yards.