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Q: How many centimeters in are there in 2.5 metres?
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How many meters are 25 centimeters?

0.25 metres

What is 1 meter plus 25 centimeters?

It is 1.25 metres.

What is a quarter of a meter?

One meter equals 100 centimeters.100 centimeters divided by 4 is 25 centimeters.

How many centimeters in 4.3 metres?

430 centimetres in 4.3 metres

How many centimeters in 1000 metres?

1000 metres = 100,000 centimetres

How many centimeters in 3 metres?

3 metres = 300 centimetres

How many centimeters is 2.5 meters?

25 cm= .25 mThere is 0.25 metres in 25 cm.The reason is because 1 metre is the equivalent of 100 cm.

How many centimeters are in 2.4 metres?

There are no such units. But there are 240 centimetres in 2.4 metres

How many millimeters are in 8 and a half centimeters?

how metres r in milli metres

How many metres in 6700 centre metres?

6,700 centimeters is 67 meters.

How many meter equals three centimeters?

300 centimeters

How many centimeters in one and a half metres?

1.5 meters = 150 centimeters