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Q: How many centuries did the pre-historic period last?
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How many centuries have past since the medieval period ended?

about 114567

Who is an athenian statesman?

Athens had many leader over the centuries. Which period did you mean?

Who is Athenian leader?

Athens had many leader over the centuries. Which period did you mean?

Make a sentence of centuries?

How many centuries has indoor plumbing been around? The Chinese dynasties rarely last more than several centuries.

What did the prehistoric people of wales leave behind?

A great many tombs & stone alignments. AS to what one means by the prehistoric folk of Wales, one must specify the period, for modern Wales has not the same borders as any of the various prehistoric & historic cultures in that region.

Did Saint Agnes have a last name?

No, last names were not used until many centuries after Agnes died.

What prehistoric animals in South Carolina?

Many prehistoric animals and dinosaurs have been discovered in South Carolina. These include prehistoric crocodiles, prehistoric whales, and prehistoric fish.

When were daffodils invented?

Daffodils have been around many many centuries. In fact daffodils are older than humans. Daffodils evolved sometime in the Oligocene period or Miocene period.

What is Saint Lucy's last name?

During the time of St. Lucy there were no last names used. That did not originate for many centuries after she died.

How many days does a dogs period cycle last?

Typically a dog's period cycle will last for 21 days.

How many days does a pugs period last?


How many words in prehistoric?

Some words that can be made from the letters in 'prehistoric' are:chichipchirpchitchoirchopchoreChristcitecorecostcrispcropehepicerrheherherohiehiphirehishithoisthorsehosehosthotIiceireisititchohoilororeperperchpertpestpetpiepierpitpitchpitcherpithpoiseporchporeportposeposerpostprierspriestpriorproproserestricerichricherrichestriotripriperiperripestriseriteroeroperoserosterrotrotescionscopescoresetsheshipshireshirrshirtshopshoreshortsipsirsiresitsitesosonsonicsopsoresortspicespirespitspitesporesportspotstepstirstonestopstorestripstripestrop