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Q: How many change will you if you use a 10.00 bill to pay for something that costs 0.98?
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Purpose of amending a bill?

To change the bill in some way. Usually this means specifying something or making something more clear.

What is a bill of costs?

A bill of costs is a statement of the items which form the total amount of the costs of a party to a suit or action.

Why doesn't the health care bill control costs?

Our government does what business wants it to do, no matter which party is in power. Costs are not controlled because business already knows what they want costs to be, don't want the government to change it.

Can you get changes with 1000 bill?

well you cant because there is no 1000 bill.

Is the 1000 bill legal tender?

That would depend on what currency (country) the 1000 bill was for.

How much change are you suppose to receive if you give a ten dollar bill to the cashier?

It depends how much the item costs that you buy.... $3.22

Can you tell me about the 1000 yen bill?

1000 yen bill from Japan = us candians $10dollers

What if Bill Kaulitz is gay?

That wouldn't change anything. I don't understand why that would be something to wonder about.

What is the value of a 1897 1000 dollar bill?

1000 Dollars

How much does a 1000 dollar bill weigh?

A $1000 bill weighs about 1 gram, the same weight as any other US currency bill.

In your job as a cashier a customer gives you a 20 dollar bill to pay for a can of coffee that costs 3.84 dollars how much change should you get back?


If I paid for something that cost 20 bucks and I used a 100 dollar bill what change would I get?