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depends on how large the block is

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Q: How many city blocks equal a mille?
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How many blocks in San Diego equal a mile?

Approximately eight city blocks equal one mile. The number varies slightly from city to city.

How many blocks equal a mile in arlingtonTX?

in a normal city it is about 3.2 blocks for a mile

2100 yards equal how many new york city blocks?

2100 yards equals how many new york city blocks

How many city blocks are equal to one mile?


How many blocks equal a mile in the city of Chicago?


How many Topeka Kansas City blocks equals one mile?

Eight Topeka, Kansas city blocks equal a mile.

How many blocks equal a mile?

Each city may have a different number of blocks in a mile, as they independently determine the size of their city blocks. There is no universal or standard size for city blocks. To determine how many blocks are equal to one mile, you first need to find the size of the blocks in the city you are asking about, and do the math.5,280 feet equals one mile. To find out how many city blocks would equal a mile, divide 5,280 feet by the number of feet in a block in the city in question.For example, the blocks in Tucson, Arizona are 400 feet long. Diving 5,280 by 400 means that 13.2 blocks would equal 1 mile.Another example, there are long blocks from east to west and short blocks from north to south in Manhattan. There are 20 short blocks in one mile.Depending upon where you are, there are approximately 20 city blocks to one mile.

0.6 miles is equal to how many city blocks?

In general, 10 blocks equals 1 mile. That would mean that 0.2 miles would be the same as 2 blocks.

The length of titanic was how many city blocks long?

4 city blocks

If you have 3 acres of land how many city blocks would that equal?

The number of city blocks in 3 acres of land can vary depending on the size of the blocks in the specific city. It is difficult to provide an exact answer without that information.

How many blocks to equal a mile in Indiana?

12 blocks equal 1 mile

0.6 is equal to how many blocks?