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Q: How many cubes of soil can a 20t lorry carry?
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How water can cause soil to be lost?

It can be Frisian in the freezer in to ice cubes

How do you carry out soil less agriculture?


How does the wind carry the soil?

it just does hoped this helped.....

How the wind cause soil erosion?

Wind causes soil erosion by picking up and carrying loose soil particles away from the ground surface. As the wind moves across the land, these particles can be deposited in new locations, leaving the original area with less soil cover. This process can lead to the degradation of fertile soil, making it more susceptible to erosion.

Why wet soil not carried away by wind?

Wet soil has higher cohesion due to water molecules between soil particles, making it less prone to being carried away by wind compared to dry soil. The presence of water increases the weight and stickiness of soil particles, which helps to anchor them in place. Additionally, the presence of water can create a protective crust on the soil surface, further reducing erosion from wind.

How does animal carry away soil?

It sticks to their hair ,or fur .

What types of water carry soil?

Any flowing water.

What is the movement by wind water or gravity of soil from one place to another called?

The movement of soil from one place to another by wind, water, or gravity is called erosion. Erosion can occur naturally or be accelerated by human activities such as deforestation or improper land management.

How do you make a sinkhole model?

with sugar cubes as limestone and grahm crackers as top soil...pour water on top, and watch the sinkhole form

How do rivers carry soil?

Rivers carry soil through a process called erosion, where water flows over land and picks up particles of soil. These particles are then transported downstream by the current of the river. The soil is then deposited along the river banks or at the river mouth, contributing to the formation of sedimentary deposits.

What does not help cause soil erosion?

Planting cover crops, using mulch, and implementing terracing are effective methods to prevent soil erosion.

What term describes processes that carry soil and rock away?