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"Pascal" is a unit of pressure, not a quantity of air.

The phrase "pascal per minute" is meaningless.

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Q: How many cubic meters of air can you move in 1 hour at a flow rate of 2 pascals per minute?
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How much water does Niagara falls have?

Six million cubic feet (168,000 cubic meters) of water flow over the crest every minute during high flow.

What does air flow meter do?

Measures the amount of air to flow past the meter in cubic feet (CFM) or meters (CMM) per minute.

What is the dimension of the flow rate?

This question is not specific enough to answer. If we knew which type of flow rate you were speaking of we could answer this. For example there is a volumetric flow rate which is the volume of fluid that passes through any given surface per unit time.

How do I convert meters per second to cubic feet per minute?

You can't. Meters per second is a straight off speed, CFM(cubic feet per minute) is a flow rate. You could convert cubic meters/second into CFM though. Here's a link that'll help you with that:

How do you measure river flow rates in cubic meters?

It is in cubic metres!

How do you convert Pa to cfm?

You cannot directly convert pressure (Pa) to volumetric flow rate (cfm) as they are different units. You would need additional information such as the temperature and cross-sectional area to convert pressure to volumetric flow rate using the ideal gas law.

How do you convert Pascals to Littres per min?

Pascals are a unit of pressure (force per unit area). Liters per minute is a unit of flow rate (volume per unit time).

Size of hole for flow of cubic foot per minute?

Hole or pipe size is not the only factor that determines flow of cubic feet per minute. The other factors are presssure and resistance.

How do you convert cubic meters per hour to BTUs per hour?

To convert cubic meters per hour to BTUs per hour, you need to know the type of gas. Multiply the cubic meters per hour by the energy content of the gas in BTUs per cubic meter to get the BTUs per hour.

What is cubic feet per minute?

It is an old measure for rate rate of flow.

How do you convert Meters per second to cubic meters per hour?

There is no direct transfer of meters per second to meters cubed per second. Meters per second is velocity, meters cubed per second is volumetric flow. If it is fluids in a channel or pipe and you knoe the area of the fluid flow then you can use Flowrate = Area x Velocity

What does air-conditioning abbreviation 'cfm' means?

cfm stands for cubic feet per minute - this is a term that describes the amount of air flow in duct work - it takes approximately 400 cubic feet per minute air flow per ton of air conditioning