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Area of the circle = pi R2 = (225 pi) square feet

Volume = (225 pi) x (0.25) cubic feet

1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet

Volume = (225 pi) / (4 x 27) = 6.545 cubic yards (rounded)

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2009-09-01 17:48:57
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Q: How many cubic yards in an 30 foot diameter circle 3 inches thick with sand?
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How many cubic feet are in a circle 9.4 diameter 3 inches thick?

An answer is impossible because there are no cubic units within a circle but only square units

How many cubic feet are in a circle 16 feet in diameter and 4 inches thick?

803.84 is the volume in cubic ft when using 3.14 as pi.

How many cubic inches in a circle whose diameter is 31 inches and is 2 inches thick?

What you have there isn't actually a circle, but a stubby pillbox of a "cylinder".Volume of a cylinder = (pi) (R2) (H) = (pi) (15.5)2 (2) = 1,509.54 cubic inches (rounded)

How many cubic meters in 17 meter diameter circle 4 inches thick with sand?

4 inches = 0.1016 metres. So volume = pi*r2*h = pi*(17/2)2*0.1016 = 23.1 cubic metres (approx)

What is the volume of a penny in cubic inches?

The US one-cent coin is 0.750 inches in diameter and 0.061 inches thick,for a volume of 0.027 cubic inches.The UK plated-steel penny (one new pence) is 20.32 mm in diameter and 1.65 mm thick, for a volume of 0.535 cm3 or about 0.033 cubic inches.(see related question)

How many cubic yards in an 20 foot diameter circle 2 inches thick with sand?

Total coverage area 314.16 sq. feet. depth of 2 inches = 1.94 cu yards answer ... around 2 cu yards

How many cubic yards in a 20 ft diameter 8 inches thick circle?

The area is about 315 square feet. The depth is 2/3 feet deep. 315 * 2/3 = 210 cubic feet. Divide by 27 to get cubic yards 210 / 27 = 7.8 Order 8 yards.

How much concrete is needed for a slab 10 feet in diameter by 4 inches thick?

A 10-foot round slab at 4 inches requires 1 cubic yard.

How many cubic yards of sand need to cover 22 foot circle three inches thick?

I assume the 22 foot refers to the diameter of the circle. the area of the circle is pi x radius squared. area = 3.14 x 11 x 11 = 380 sq ft 3 in = 1/4 ft so 380 / 4 = 95 cubic ft 95 / 27 = about 3.5 cubic yards

How do you measure cubic yds concrete in a circumference area?

To measure the concrete needed for a circular pad:-- Decide how thick (deep) the pad is to be. If it's in inches, divide by 12 for thickness in feet.-- Measure either the circumference or the diameter of the circle, in feet.-- If you measured the circumference, then the cubic yds of concrete needed is(0.00295) x (circumference) x (circumference, again) x (thickness) ... all in feet-- If you measured the diameter, then the cubic yds of concrete needed is(0.0291) x (diameter) x (diameter, again) x (thickness) ... all in feet

How many cubic meter are in a floor 4 inches thick 564 inches long by 204 inches wide?

7.54 cubic meters

How much concrete will it take for a slab 10x16 feet?

If it is 4 inches deep/thick, 2 cubic yards. If it is 6 inches deep/thick, 3 cubic yards.

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