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366 in one leap year

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2010-11-13 09:21:17
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Q: How many days are there in one leap years?
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How many days are there in 4 leap years?

There are 366 days in one leap year, so there are 1464 days in 4 leap years.

How many days are there in 3 years if one of the years is a leap?

1096 days

How many days in 4 years if 1 year is a leap year?

Leap years have 366 days.

About how many days are in 7 years?

If only one of them is a leap year, then there are about 2556 days If two of them are leap years, then there are about 2557 days.

How many days in one decade using no leap years?


How many days in six years?

2191 days in 6 years if there is one leap year in the span (the third year), otherwise 2192. (365x6 plus the one or two leap days)

How many days in five years?

There are 1,826 days in five years, which does include the one leap day. Depending on which 5 years there could be 1827 day with two leap years.

How many days in 6 years including a leap year?

In a 6 year period with one leap year, there are 2191 days. There can be two leap years in a 6 year period, in which case there are 2192 days in total.

How many days is 33.5 years?

Since there are 365 days in one year you'd result in the following math and answer: 365 days/year x 33.5 years = 12191 days Now we did not calculate in leap years, where we have one extra day. Let's do so now. 33.5 years ÷ 1 leap day/4 years = 8 leap days. 12191 days + 8 days = 12199 days So there are 12191 days excluding leap years in 33.5 years. There are also 12199 days including leap years in 33.5 years.

Two years equals how many days?

730 or 731 if one of the years is a leap year.

How many Februarys are there in a leap year?

There is one month of February in every year, whether it is a leap year or not. The difference is not the month, it is the number of days in the month of February: 28 days in normal years, 29 days in leap years.

How many days are in 6 years?

2191 if there is one leap year during that period and 2192 if there are two leap years during that period.

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