How many degrees are in circles?

Updated: 11/4/2022
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There is 360 degrees in a circle.

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Q: How many degrees are in circles?
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How many degrees are in 3 circles?

1080 degrees are in 3 circles. :)

How many degrees are there in two and a half circles?

900 degrees

How many angles do circles have?

The angles around circles add up to 360 degrees

Why the latitude and longitude are measured in degrees?

They are circles. We measure circles in degrees.

How many circles of radius of 5 degrees can be cut from a cartolina 42cm by 32cm?

It's not a circle if it's radius of 5 degrees. If it's 5 cm radius, then 12 circles.

Do protractors have to be circles or half circles?

Protractors have to be half- circles because they measure angles less than 360 degrees.

What are the unis scientists use for circles called?

The name for the units scientists use for circles are degrees.

What are the degrees of the Arctic and Antarctic Circles?

66.5622 degrees north and south respectively.

What degrees of latitude are the Arctic and Antarctic Circles?

You can find these at about 66 degrees N and 66 degrees S. Because the earth wobbles, the exact hour and degree location of the circles move slightly.

Are lines of latitude circles of 360 degrees?


What are circles divided into 360 equal parts?


Why do all circles have the same number of degrees on a protractor?

Because there are 360 degrees around a circle.