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180 degrees

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Q: How many degrees is 50 percent in a circle?
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If a section of a circle graph measures 180 degrees what percent of a circle graph is this section?


What fraction is half of 50 percent of a circle?

50% of a circle is 50 over 100

What percent of a circle is one half of a circle?


What is five tenths of a circle as a percent?


How do you turn a degrees into a percent?

The question is missing some information. Assuming this is about making a pie chart, multiply the percent by 3.6 to get degrees of a full circle. So 100% is the entire pie, 50% is half (180 degrees), etc.

How do you convert degrees into percents?

Don't know if there is formula for converting degrees to percent, but here's a thought: Imagine a clockface with just the minute hand. When the hand makes a full circle, it has traveled 360 degrees for 100% of the circle. When the hand points to 3, it has traveled 45 degrees for 25% of the circle. The 6 is at 180 degrees and 50%. The 9 is at 270 degrees and 75%. You could break it down from there.

What percentage of diameter of a circle is the radius?

50 percent of diameter of a circle is the radius.

What fraction of a circle is 50 percent if a circle?

1/2 ===

Half of a circle what percent of a circle?

Half (1/2) equals 50%.

What percent is it if you drew a circle and shaded all but one half?


What is the arc of X in a circle whose degrees are 20 degrees 140 degrees and 50 degrees?

If the circumference is split into 4 arcs then the 4th arc is 360-20-140-50 = 150 degrees

Four eights is what percent of a circle?

if you circle is divided into eight segments, 4/8 converts to 1/2, that is 50% of the circle