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Ignoring the orientation of the angles, there are seven.

0, 18.435, 26.565, 36.870, 45, 63.435 and 90 degrees.

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Q: How many different angles can be drawn on a 3x3 dotty grid?
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What is a coordinate grid point?

It is a point on the coordinate grid. The grid may be the Cartesian or coordinate plane, or its equivalent in 3 or more dimensions. It could also refer to a grid where the axes are not at right angles to one another (eg isometric grid).

Can you tell us what is the name of those lines which are drawn in some part of earth?

Grid lines

How do you know when two equations will be perpendicular?

When they meet at right angles when plotted on the coordinated grid.

How did Albrecht Durer use a grid format for creating his work?

He had a wire grid standing in front of him, and a similar grid drawn on a paper. Looking at the subject thruogh the grid, he saw one part of the subject through each square of the grid. He then drew in each square on the paper exactly what he saw through each square of the wire grid.

How many different triangles can you make on a 3X3 grid?

you can make 76 different triangles on a 3x3 grid

What kind of people are drawn to grid computing?

People who need super-reliable computing to access to the Web

What does geographical grid mean?

A geographical grid is a system of intersecting lines used to locate points on a map or plot coordinates on the Earth's surface. It typically consists of lines of latitude and longitude that create a network of squares or rectangles to aid in navigation and cartography. This grid system helps to accurately pinpoint locations and measure distances on a map or globe.

How do you accurately find the side length of a square drawn on dot paper or grid paper?

Use the Pythagorean Theorem.

What are some strategies for finding the area of a figure drawn on a grid?

Count the number of grid squares which are entirely or almost entirely inside the figure = ACount the number of grid squares which are approximately half (or more) inside = B Estimated area = A + B/2.

What five features must you include on an overlay?

The route, drawn to scale, showing the limit of sector. Two grid reference points. A north-seeking arrow (grid or magnetic). A title block. A route classification formula

What is 00 on a grid?

It is the point of origin at (0, 0) where the x and y axes meet each other at right angles

What is coordination on a grid?

It is the point of origin at (0, 0) where the x and y axes meet each other at right angles