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Q: How many different shapes can you make with an area of 10cm?
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Why are hexagons so common in nature?

It's one of the only shapes which tessellates perfectly (think tiles, if you tiled a wall with hexagons then there wouldn't be any gaps. Of the shapes which tessellate perfectly (triangle, square, hexagon) it has the smallest perimeter for its area i.e. a square of area 10cm^2 has a greater perimeter than that of a hexagon with an area of 10cm^2. So, if you were a bee trying to make a honeycomb then the hexagon is best because it would use least wax to make a certain area of comb (because of the perimeter/area ratio) and also not waste any space (because it tessellates without leaving any gaps). Hope that helps.

You want a working model of mathematics for school exhibition what you should make?

area and perimeter of different shapes

What different shapes can you make out of a hexagon one of its diagonal?

you can make a hexagon

What can you do to metals like gold to get them into moulds to make different shapes?

Put the gold in the FIRE and wait and then take it out the it will malt then you can make what shapes

Why do shapes have different degrees?

they have different degreeses because a different degrees is what make different types of shape

How many different shapes can you make with 5 squares and they can't be the same when you turn it and all the shapes have to touch?


How has the guitars structure changed?

It hasn't changed that much.. Different shapes make different sounds, Different woods make different sound. The only thing that really changed is that there are new shapes but old ones are still being used.

How do you found the area math?

The answer depends on the shape whose area is sought. For some simple shapes there are easy formulae. Then there are less simple shapes which can be broken down into simple shapes and their area is simply the sum of the components. However, in many cases, the best that you can do is to make approximate estimates.

How many 10cm sticks would be needed to make a 1m line?

You would need 10 10cm sticks

How many shapes can you make with 5 squares?

You can make 12 different shapes (counting flips) with 5 squares set orthogonally (not diagonally). These are called pentominos.

Why Thermoplastic can be form into different shapes with infinite times?

That is the property of thermoplastics. If they could not be formed into different shapes many many times then nobody would bother to make them.

What different shapes can you make by cutting a hexagon on one or more of its diagonals?

you can make 2 trapezoids