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Q: How many eighth must be added to make a whole?
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How many fifths must be added to one fifths to make a whole?

four fifths must be added to make it whole

How many notes does a Eighth note and a Whole note get?

1) its actually, how many BEATS in and 8th and whole note. 2) there are 4 beats in a whole note 3) there is 1/2 a beat in an eighth note

How many 8th notes equal one whole rest?

an eighth note is half of one beat in four four time. if you have one eighth rest it would be half of a whole rest. so you would need two eighth rests to make a whole rest

How many eighth notes equal a whole notes?


How many eighth notes is equivalent to a whole note?

Depends on the time signature. In 4/4 a whole note is 4 beats and there would be 8 eighth notes.

How many quavers in a doted semibreve?

There are 12 quavers (eighth notes) in a dotted semibreve (dotted whole note).There are 12.

What does one and one eighth divided by 9?

How many eighths in 1 (that is, one whole)? And how many eighths will you have if you add one more eighth to those? And what's that number divided by 9? You can do this.

How many eights make up one quarter?

Two One-eighth + one-eighth = one quarter

How many eighths are in 1 whole in a fraction?

Their are eight eighths. You know because the word eight is in 'eighth'

How many quarter notes equal an eighth note?

Two eighth notes tied together make a quarter note.

How many eighth notes go into a quarter note?

8 eighth notes are in a whole note because it is 1/8 of a whole note.

How many six letter words can you make out of ''height''?

eighth, height