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Q: How many faces dose a tringular pyramid have?
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How many edges faces and vertices dose a tringular prism?

Faces=5 edges=9 vertices=6

How many faces for tringular prism?

Not sure about tringular or tringluar but a triangular prism will have 5 faces.

How many faces dose a triangular based pyramid have?

a triangular based pyramid has 4 faces.

How many faces dose a healing pyramid have?


How many faces dose a square-based pyramid have?

A square-based pyramid has five faces -- the square base and four triangular faces.

How many faces dose a square based pyramid have?


How many faces dose a pyramid?

There are 4 faces but 5 sides (don't forget the bottom).

How many faces dose a rctangular pyramid have?

5 If I'm correct

How many faces edges and vertices does a square pyramid?

A square pyramid dose not have any faces, edges or vertices because a dose is a measured amount of medicine!However, a square based pyramid does have any 5 faces, 8 edges and 5 vertices.

How many faces dose a square pyramid have?

A square pyramid is a polyhedron with a square base and triangular sides that meet at a point at the top. This gives this pyramid five faces.

How many faces vertices and edges dose a 3d square pyramid have?

Faces: 5Vertices's: 5Edges:8

How many vertices and faces dose a pyramid have?

A pyramid with an n-sided base will have n + 1 vertices, n + 1 faces, and 2n edges.