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10x3=30 feet

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Q: How many feet are equal to ten yards?
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How many yards does ten feet equal?

3.33 yards.

What is ten yards tall equal how many feet tall?

30 feet

Is ten meters equal to one hundres feet or ten yards?

Neither; but it is much closer to ten yards.

How many yards in ten feet?

There is 30 yards in ten feet. ---- Google calculator says: 10 feet = 3.3333333 yards A foot is smaller than a yard

How many feet does ten yards have?


How many foot are in ten yards?

30 feet = 10 yards

What does 30feet equal into yards?

30 feet would be ten yards because 1 yard is 3 feet and 10 times 3 is 30.

How many yards of cement in ten by ten feet by six inch thick?

1.85 cubic yards of cement.

How many feet are in ten yards?

There are 3 feet in 1 yard so in 10 yards there would be 30 feet.

How much is ten feet in yards?

3.33 yards.

How many feet are equal to ten feet?

Feet and feet are the same measurement. Therefore, 10 feet is equal to 10 feet.

How many feet equals ten yards?

30 feet, since one yard equals three feet.